The Artist Formerly Known as Little Man

The challenge: Little Man’s room had next to nothing on the walls, and because most of the wall space is directly above his bed, we did not want anything with glass that could fall on him while he jumping up and down on his bed sleeping.

The solution: An art project that Little Man can utilize his brand new writing and spelling skills that is extremely budget friendly.

Living in Saint Petersburg has proven to be a scary, dangerous thing for me.  There is an IKEA less than 30 minutes away from my door!  So, of course I went to the Ikea website to get inspiration.  I found the fiskevik picture holder system for only $5.99.

These are all the tools you need...and two screws.

Ho hum...I need art!

The Little Man has really been working on his reading and writing skills lately (It’s almost like his mom was a reading teacher..oh wait).  He loves writing on his dry erase board and with the big sidewalk chalks on our driveway and front porch.  I wanted to capture this for the holidays, so I gathered together some of our art supplies and put him to work.

The Little Man and Our Craft Supplies

After cutting what felt like a million little white squares, we sounded out our Ho Ho Ho and he got to writing.  He could already spell Merry Christmas (to my complete shock) because he has been playing with the Christmas window clings his Granny got him.  Here are some gratuitous Little Man shots:

Little Man with Chosen Medium

Merry Christmas from Little Man

Project Reveal

We still have a long way until his room looks finished, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.  Now we a great place to hang all of his new art that he makes once he starts at his new school in January.

What do you think?


About Sarah

My family is making a new start, beginning with a move from Jacksonville to St. Petersburg, Fl. We are starting over in a new house, new job, and a new philosophy on life. Its time to transplant the family tree and grow new roots!
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