I’m Moving…Again!

At least this time I won’t need boxes!  I am moving my blog to http://www.plantingnewroots.com.  I decided I wanted to have the freedom of having my own domain.  So, if you landed here, cruise on over to my new site!


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Upcycled Art

Sometimes as we get older, we get caught up in our work and the day-to-day grind of being a responsible adult, and we forget how to be imaginative creative thinkers.  In Home Goods several months ago I saw a bowl that, on inspection, I knew I could make myself.  As in most crafts, what looks easy proves to be far more difficult and time-consuming than initially planned for.  Even though this took hours longer than anticipated, I am very pleased with the results.

Pretty Up-cycled Bowl

To make this bowl you will need direct mail ads, old magazines and old newspapers.  I tried to use nothing I paid for as much as possible.  I used the local free independent newspaper, an IKEA catalog, direct mail ads, and supplemented with a few pages from magazines that I already had.  You will also need several glue sticks, a glue gun, a knitting needle, and scissors.  To finish it off, you will need Mod Podge or some other sealer of your choice.

Implements of mass construction

Step 1: Cut your paper into strips as seen above.  You will need more than you think.  I wish I had counted, but I think I had about 200.

Step 2: Using the knitting needle roll a paper strip into a straw, and glue the edge to hold it together.

Rolling the straw to make the first coil.

Step 3: Flatten the straw by pressing it with the edge of the knitting needle.

Step 4: Begin to roll the first coil by wrapping it tightly around the needle.  You will need to glue parts of the straw and hold as you wrap or the coil will come undone.

Rolled Paper Coil

For the base, you will keep adding flattened straws to the coil until you have the size base that you want.  I like to make all different sizes of these little coils to give the bowl interest.  If you look at the bowl you can see where some of these are larger than the others.  Some of these bowls I have seen online are not wrapped as tightly.  It is much harder to get these coils to wrap neatly and tightly than letting them loosen up.  Several of my coils loosened up on me and those are the ones that have the larger holes in the middle.  Overall, I like the look, but my next one will be better executed.

Note the large coil at the base.

What I learned:

  • I used newspaper at the base because it is easier to make a tight coil with thinner straws.  The thicker the paper, the harder it is to coil tightly.
  • If the paper has a white border around a colorful image, trim the white off if you are looking for the color.  When you roll the paper into a straw, the white will be all that you can see.

Here are a couple more pictures of the finished bowl.

Dimensions are 6' in diameter

Upcycled paper bowl 4" high

A great place for keys

I am debating making a couple of these and selling them on Etsy.com.  I think the coils would make great beads and necklaces as well.  By changing the shape of the base, I can make different shapes and styles.  What do you think?

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Merry Christmas from the Tierneys

Jack in Front of the Tree


Putting Out the Cookies


When you don't have a fireplace, you leave a Santa key.


Trying to coax a little man to sleep...failing.



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Aww Shoot…George Jetson Has the Holiday Bling

So tonight is the night!  My mother-in-law got here tonight signifying the end to the holiday decorating frenzy.  It was just so great to decorate a place that we aren’t having to constantly repair.  Here are some pictures of holiday cheer Tierney style.

Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Dining Table Center Piece

Ooooh Sparkly

The Little Man Says Merry Christmas

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The Artist Formerly Known as Little Man

The challenge: Little Man’s room had next to nothing on the walls, and because most of the wall space is directly above his bed, we did not want anything with glass that could fall on him while he jumping up and down on his bed sleeping.

The solution: An art project that Little Man can utilize his brand new writing and spelling skills that is extremely budget friendly.

Living in Saint Petersburg has proven to be a scary, dangerous thing for me.  There is an IKEA less than 30 minutes away from my door!  So, of course I went to the Ikea website to get inspiration.  I found the fiskevik picture holder system for only $5.99.

These are all the tools you need...and two screws.

Ho hum...I need art!

The Little Man has really been working on his reading and writing skills lately (It’s almost like his mom was a reading teacher..oh wait).  He loves writing on his dry erase board and with the big sidewalk chalks on our driveway and front porch.  I wanted to capture this for the holidays, so I gathered together some of our art supplies and put him to work.

The Little Man and Our Craft Supplies

After cutting what felt like a million little white squares, we sounded out our Ho Ho Ho and he got to writing.  He could already spell Merry Christmas (to my complete shock) because he has been playing with the Christmas window clings his Granny got him.  Here are some gratuitous Little Man shots:

Little Man with Chosen Medium

Merry Christmas from Little Man

Project Reveal

We still have a long way until his room looks finished, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.  Now we a great place to hang all of his new art that he makes once he starts at his new school in January.

What do you think?

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The George Jetson House Gets a Little Bling

And here is George Jetson:

George Jetson with a little bling

Well, maybe it can’t be seen from space, but definitely from down the block.  When we put up our single strand of lights, our neighbor rushed over to make sure we didn’t get offended by his display, since we were “only” putting up one strand.  The is the same neighbor who has invited the hubs over to feel what a nice lawn feels like.  I am sure he means well.  Bless his heart.

So here are a couple of the neighborhood displays:

Not the best picture, but I think you can get the waterfall of lights.

Note the multiple strands of light here.

The Old North East, the beautiful historic neighborhood close to the bay front, really does it up for the holidays.  We plan to check it out next weekend with the J-man.  Until then, here is one more glamour shot of George Jetson:

George Jetson at night

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It’s Indescribably Beautiful…It’s like the fourth of July! It’s a major award!

I know you’ve seen them at Walgreen’s.  The replica leg lamps from the most beloved Christmas movie ever made have taunted me with their siren’s calls for the last three years.

It started in Cincinnati on Covedale Ave.  Every year, when I would visit for Christmas, I would look for the house with the full size replica leg lamp in the window.  I get ridiculously excited when I see it.  So, I knew that I would eventually have to have one.  I know this is not the pretty beachy look I am typically going for, but I just had to have this!  And here she is, in all of her fishnetted glory!


In case you haven’t seen the movie (in which case you should hang your head in shame), here is the clip.  I dare you not to say,”F-R-A-G-I-L-E–it must be Italian!”

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